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The Woods
The Woods
The Woods
Product ID 20
Product Name Pet Neil Clipper
Product Category cat
Product Color Blue, White, Black
Product Description
  Product material: plastic + stainless steel

Product specifications: 13 CM

Suitable for: small and medium dogs, cats.

Use professional dog nail scissors, convenient and hygienic, not only avoid the possibility of cross-contagious diseases, but also can be faster and ensure that the baby's completion (work) is not hurt, why not?

Intimate flat mouth design, so that your pet is no longer afraid of nail cutting, beauty is also a virtue. Remember not to cut into the baby nails!

Product function: Made of high-quality alloy material, sturdy and durable; sharp edge, not easy to produce burrs after cutting; ingenious arc push design, easy to operate, high soft material wrapped at the handle, comfortable grip, bring you pleasant pruning process.

Placement of nail clippers: (Refer to the following)

1. Can not be disinfected with hot water and contact with liquids such as gasoline, thinner, alcohol, etc.

2. Avoid wet conditions and humid environments

3. It should be cleaned and kept in time after use.  
Product Price 175 BDT