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The Woods
The Woods
Product ID 26
Product Name Anti-flea, Mites, Ticks Drops
Product Category cat
Product Color Not Applicable
Product Description
100% Brand New and High Quality

Color: as shown



Net Capacity: 2.5ml

Killing Fleas, Louse, Tick, Mites

Effective, Anti Fleas, Pet Supplies

Spot On is a new generation of flea solution. It can kill 98-100% fleas in 3-12 hours. It has a long lasting effect and can repel fleas and lice on pets for a long time. The efficacy period is three times longer than other therapeutic drugs, and the effect last for more than one month. Long term use can completely kill pet's fleas. It is safe and effective. It can be used on pregnant female dogs and cats, puppies over 2 weeks old and cats over 8 weeks old.

1) First, remove the cap of the dropping bottle.
2) Lift the hair from the back of the pet's neck until the skin is visible.
3) Then use the drops according to the weight of the pet.
4) Drop once every other week to kill new fleas and for first time usage (optional).

10kg (1 Bottle).
5kg (1/2 Bottle).
2.5kg (1/3 bottle).
Kitten (1/5 bottle).

1) Do not wash the pet within 6 hours after application to protect the efficacy.
2) This product is prohibited for children to play.
3) This product cannot be used in medicine bath with water.
4) This product is not meant to be taken orally.
5) If hands are contaminated, wash them with soap.
6) If any adverse reactions occur after using this product, please use calcium gluconate and feed with large amount of water.

Package Included:

Product Price 250 BDT